Pay it forward: Female Tech Mentors Needed

Mentors are the secret weapon to successful Startups.

There are many barriers women face as they strive to enter the ICT space, especially those who have chosen the entrepreneurial route. One of the more persisting barriers is lack of access to influential networks and mentors. Simply put we do not have a “Girl’s club”.

It’s a well-known fact that the ICT sector is still rife with Gender inequality, and even though companies are growing increasingly aware of the benefits of gender diversity for innovation, It is very much still a man’s world and we as women need to collectively work together to nurture the next generation of female tech entrepreneurs.

GirlCode and JoziHub have come together to start the GirlCode App.Clinic Mentoring Program which aims to help female tech Startups advance their technical skills in order to enable them to maximize their product offering. The mentoring program requires female tech industry professional volunteers to commit to supporting, guiding, and nurturing these Startups.

By becoming part of the social network of women in ICT who care about uplifting more women, the mentor can help female startups develop and grow their business by imparting knowledge and lessons learnt through experience.

This is a call to industry professionals to become a GirlCode App.Clinic mentor. We need your help to ensure that there are strong and innovative female entrepreneurs adding to the foundation for a competitive economy.

To Volunteer sign up:

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