The GirlCode Experience

The GirlCode Experience: Kiara Ramjith

I applied to the vac work programme because I wanted to gain real world experience. I really did not know what to expect, so I just wanted to get whatever I could out of it, yet it surpassed my expectations totally. I assumed that we’d be given a project to work on and that is all, however we were taught valuable life lessons and were introduced to so many interesting and inspirational people.

One of the most unique things about Thomson Reuters was that their office was dominated by WOMEN! It was nice to see that. I keep being told how male dominated our field is but, going to their office and seeing how successful the women there are was a great experience.

In fact, every single person I met during my vac work experience (including the other Girl Coders) were remarkable and inspiring in some way. One of the things that struck me most, was everyone’s energy and love for their job.

It’s hard to reduce my vac week to a few ‘favourite things’, because I took away so much, but the top 3 things were;

  • No idea is too big or too small
  • We should move around jobs to find our passion
  • Keep learning and keep your skills relevant.

And a bonus – and actually probably the most important – Networking with people is very important.

The advice I would give to other young women trying to get into the industry is, never be afraid to ask for an opportunity, you never know what you could miss out on if you don’t. And as for getting into computer science, I would say, don’t give up when your code doesn’t work! Take a break, clear your mind and try again. And finally, don’t let the ‘boys’ intimidate you into thinking your idea/opinion is irrelevant: Girl Power! We bring a uniqueness to the tasks that has for a long time been disregarded and now it is our time to shine.

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