GirlCode SME Program

GirlCode partnered with AWS CloudStart to help female owned tech companies get started by providing resources that will allow them to learn about AWS Cloud, while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy at a low cost to customers.

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GirlCode Hackathon

GirlCodeHack is an annual event where computer programmers including graphic designers, interface designers, business analysts and project managers, collaborate intensively to develop software and hardware prototypes.

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Digital Literacy

GirlCode Digital Literacy is a short-course training initiative that provides an introduction of basic computer and internet literacy to women with few or no computer skills. The programs’ main focus is to teach these skills to under privileged women.

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Vacation Work and Job Shadowing

GirlCode will run a quarterly ‘meet the mentors’ programme where young budding female computer science students will meet with females currently employed as software developers who are keen to become a mentor.

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GirlCode Workshops

The workshops are designed to provide girls with exposure to a core set of skills namely; HTML & CSS, Web development, App development, Design Thinking, Business model planning, and Elevator pitch and presentation skills.

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GirlCoder Club

The GirlCoder club takes high school girls ‘from Scratch to Java’ over a series of weekend programmes. This initiative is being launched in response to the need to excite girls with computer science at an early age.

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