Digital Literacy

“Our future growth is limited by a chronic shortage of skills and a lack of women in tech. This gap isn't just bad for women, it's bad for business.”


GirlCode Digital Literacy is a short-course training initiative that provides an introduction of basic computer and internet literacy to women with few or no computer skills. The programs’ main focus is to teach skills such as being able to set up emails, browsing the internet, creating a CV, applying for jobs online, and data input using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

The objective of this initiative is to provide women of all ages in disadvantaged areas skills to broaden their job choices and thereby ensure the households of the women participating in this programme become the indirect beneficiaries.

GirlCode work with Microsoft to provide certified training courses as well as work experience opportunities to female computer science graduates to facilitate the courses. Further corporate sponsorship will provide course materials, and increase the number of participants and locations the programme can be rolled out to. Corporates are invited to identify key strategic locations.